Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kudos to ASAs

We just wrapped up our annual ASA meeting. Thanks to all those who attended!

For the majority of readers out there, the event entailed Authorized Sales Agents (ASAs) from multiple territories joining the XStream Systems team at our Sebastian, Florida headquarters for two nights and two days. The major focus of the meeting was the pharmaceutical authentication solution they are now all offering throughout the United States.

Food, learning, food, learning, and more food. We had a good time sharing what we have learned and dicussing the XT250 System.

Monday, January 28, 2008

White Paper on Pharma Counterfeiting

A report titled Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting; a Global Healthcare Menace: a New Technology Tool has just been released. Written with six different sub-categories, it is the newest information to date from XStream Systems.

Noted subjects within the report include:
1.) categories of counterfeits
2.) the outsourcing of pharmaceutical manufacturing and ingredient processing
3.) the dramatic increase of fake medicine cases worldwide

The white paper also addresses current measures to fight global pharmaceutical counterfeiting and technological solutions aimed at minimizing the public’s risks.

To read a .pdf of this new paper, click here.