Saturday, December 1, 2007

Counterfeit Drug Facts

This is the first entry for a blog dedicated to addressing concerns and providing solutions to the counterfeit pharmaceutical dilemma. We should probably have a statement about how great it is to have a blog, or write a "warm & fuzzy" sort of intro, but we'd rather jump right into the facts.

As we have studied the counterfeit drug problem over the past few years, the same numbers keep popping up:

Global industry experts agree that on average 10% of the world’s drug supply is considered counterfeit, adulterated or otherwise fraudulent. With Americans purchasing 44% of all pharmaceuticals sold worldwide last year, if only 1% of the US drug supply was tainted it would equal 34.2 million prescriptions that are potentially life threatening. This equates to approximately one counterfeit prescription for every nine American citizens in 2006 alone!

Our company, XStream Systems has developed a unit that can help. More on that soon...

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