Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Where, Oh Where Did My Medicine Come From?

questionable pharmaceuticals
You may think you know where your medicine originated. It came from Pfizer, or Merck, or Bayer, or some other big name pharmaceutical manufacturer. The question is where did they get it?

Many of our modern day medications are complex. They might be synthesized from chemicals or use biological agents and all have some kind of filler, bulking agent, or suspension liquid. So where do all those ingredients come from and why can’t you tell where your medication was made?

Almost 80% of the active ingredients come from overseas and many of the companies that supply the fillers or chemicals are not inspected by the FDA because the product is not considered pharmaceutical. Even to inspect only the active ingredients, the FDA has stated it would take them over 13 years to inspect each plant.

What’s more – pharmaceutical companies are only required to list active ingredients not the raw material or fillers that make up the medicine.

It’s like a giant puzzle; but what if you could zoom out and see the whole picture, match it against the picture on the box and know if something didn’t fit? That might be just around the corner with EDXRD technology. A new product, the XT250 System, uses this technology to build an industry standard of a compound and then use it when comparing a sample. The software will even do the thinking for you to determine if it is or is not a match – no scientific knowledge required. It’s like a pharmaceutical lie detector to stand guard at our gates.

It would give consumers the peace of mind to know “what they see is what they get” because after all, isn’t that what really counts?

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