Friday, May 9, 2008

Healthcare Magazine Covers "Unique" Pharmaceutical Safety Solution

XStream Systems' answer to pharmaceutical authentication concerns in the industry are summarized in the April/May issue of Healthcare Distributor Magazine. The company's coverage is part of an article written by Bruce Kneeland on the future and safety of the supply chain.

The piece focused on the presentations, attendees and outcomes of a recent event in Pennsylvania on Feb. 26-27, 2008:

At the Secure Pharma 2008 conference in Philadelphia, Alan Clock and John Lundquist of XStream Systems discussed their new technology and the benefits it offers. The company's EDXRD systems are able to "scan" the contents of sealed bottles of pharmaceuticals. This breakthrough technique allows medicines to stay inside the manufacturer's or repackager's bottles, if if they are opaque.

Mr. Kneeland refers to the solution as "approaching the problem from a completely unique direction," which is absolutely true.

More information on Bruce Kneeland can be found at, and XStream Systems' website is

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