Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Will the FDA’s China Office Protect US Consumers?

The Washington Post, New York Times, Bloomberg News and a variety of other media outlets all have stories today announcing the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) deploying staff and opening its first office in Beijing, China.

This is the FDA’s reaction to China’s increasing role as a major exporter to the United States in food, drug and consumer products. Unfortunately China is also the world leader in exporting counterfeit, adulterated and contaminated products and the FDA is attempting to slow down the dangerous impact to US consumers. Recent high profile examples of counterfeit, adulterated and contaminated products include the recent heparin contamination which resulted in over 250 deaths in the US, the pet food contamination with melamine and the huge issue over lead paint on children’s toys. Most experts agree that these examples of toxic products within our consumer supply chain represent only a fraction of the dangerous products that are reaching our shores on a daily basis.

Apparently the FDA has plans this year to open up other offices throughout China and certify third-party inspectors who can approve and qualify the safety of exports to the United States.

The question is when will the FDA deploy a materials analysis technology that can look inside product packaging to inspect and protect the US consumer instead of throwing bodies at a high expense to attempt to catch the problem before it gets into our supply chain?

Stay tuned, we at XStream Systems are trying our best to introduce our revolutionary technology as a solution to catching the problem before it impacts our nations health.

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