Monday, May 11, 2009

Chinese Heparin Producers Get Warning Over Falsified Information

FDA issues letters to two more Chinese manufacturers regarding tainted Heparin

It reads like a bad sequel as more companies have been named in the tainted heparin scandal…

Two Chinese companies have been issued warnings from the FDA for falsifying information on Heparin. Shanghai No. 1 Biochemical & Pharmaceutical said they were manufacturing heparin, when in fact they were purchasing it from two outside companies. One supplier is no longer producing the medicinal product.

The other supplier, Qingdao Jiulong Biopharmaceuticals was also given a warning letter. Jiulong was found to have produced 19 lots of heparin contaminated with Over-Sulfated Chondroitin Sulfate (OSCS), a substance implicated in the U.S. deaths last year. The FDA further faulted them for not investigating how the substance got into the blood thinner and for exporting medicinal products without regulatory approval.

This warning letter was in response to the FDA’s inspection of Jiulong in August 2008. Jiulong told investigators that they did not ship directly to the United States. However, during inspections at U.S. facilities purchase orders were discovered indicating that the plant had been shipping heparin sodium to the U.S. since 2005. FDA also stated that in the past, the firm supplied heparin to Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc., a California company that supplies pre-filled syringes.

This story illustrates why analytical screening should be conducted throughout the supply chain – to ensure the quality of: those products supplied to your company, those products you supply to others, and ultimately the finished product consumed by the patient.

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