Thursday, October 29, 2009

Drug Authentication Evolves to Use Molecular Screening to Combat Fake Drugs

Life Science Leader, a magazine for key executives in the life science industry, recently published an article "Molecular Screening: It's Time to Stop Thinking Outside the Box with Counterfeit Drugs" by Brian Mayo, President and CTO of XStream Systems.

In the article, Mr. Mayo discusses the advancement of analytical methods as they have moved from the lab setting to the next generation of authentication by allowing screening of the product itself throughout the pharmaceutical supply chain.

By putting this non-destructive screening method in the hands of non-scientific personnel the industry has evolved it’s protection services from merely deterrents for diversion and counterfeit drugs to real authentication of the product “inside the box”.

It’s so simple and it makes sense that we spend so much money and time developing the drugs themselves – shouldn’t our authentication be centered on them as well.

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