Friday, November 27, 2009

Securing Pharma: Survey Reveals European Views on Counterfeits

A study posted online on on November 25th, was conducted by ICM and sponsored by Aegate.

The results demonstrate the awareness of counterfeit products in general and drugs in particular on the European continent. The research was based on interviews with 5,000 consumers in five European countries between October 15 -21, 2009.

The findings show a growing awareness of counterfeit drugs which seemingly correlates with the growth of issue within developed countries globally. The following are several interesting findings from the study:

· One in 20 Europeans suspect they have received a counterfeit prescription drug and 1 per cent believe they definitely have, according to consumer research group ICM. Which translates to as many as 12.8 million European consumers could have been exposed to counterfeit drugs.
· Awareness of the phony drugs market was moderate, with 61 per cent of those polled saying they know prescription drugs can be faked. Awareness was higher in the UK, at 75 per cent.
· Medicines topped the list of counterfeit items that respondents said would most concern them - at 79 per cent - with all other items mentioned in the poll (clothes, toys, cosmetics, alcohol, CDs and DVDs, cigarettes and golf clubs) in the low single digits.
· Consumers see the fake drugs trade to be largely the responsibility of medicines suppliers, with 45 per cent saying the manufacturer is responsible for keeping counterfeits out of the supply chain, 31 per cent saying it is the responsibility of the wholesaler and 30 per cent pointing to the pharmacist.
· Consumers also want tougher punishments. Over two thirds of them believe the penalty for counterfeiting medicines should be between five and 15 years in prison, despite the current penalties being far lower - while 19 per cent felt a life sentence was warranted by the crime.
· Meanwhile, 85 per cent of consumers said they would feel more confident if medicine packs contained a safety feature that enabled the pharmacist to verify the medicine is genuine before dispensing.
· In addition, 90 per cent said they would not buy drugs on-line if pharmacies in Europe had a tool to authenticate prescription drugs.

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