Monday, May 31, 2010

YLE: Finnish Customs Suspect Hundreds in Illegal Importation of Pharmaceuticals

The Finnish Broadcasting Company YLE is reporting that Finnish Customs is investigating a widespread case of illegal importation of pharmaceuticals, and hundreds of Finns are suspected of having committed a crime.

According to the report:

· Finnish Customs is focusing on more than 800 online orders of medication from abroad that were placed over a two-month period. Finnish Customs have confiscated more than 140,000 individual tablets.

· Customs officials have stated that some of the bought so-called pharmaceuticals have even been toxic.

· Certain ordered remedies were discovered to contain floor wax, for example. As far as is known, the bogus drugs have not yet caused danger to anyone’s life.

· "Anyone who orders pharmaceuticals on the Net may be guilty of a medications law violation. If the medication contains intoxicants, this may be a drug violation or a violation involving performance enhancers", the Western Customs District's anti-crime chief Hannu Sinkkonen told YLE News.

· According to Finnish Customs, organized international criminal gangs are behind the illegal drug business.

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