Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Pharmaceutical Cargo Theft and Recovery

FreightWatch International via a cargo theft update, reports on a July 16th pharmaceutical cargo theft in Jefferson, Ohio.

According to the FreightWatch report, a full truckload of pharmaceuticals was stolen from a truck stop in Jefferson, Ohio, at approximately 4 p.m. Central on Friday, July 16. The solo operator entered the truck stop and found the tractor-trailer missing upon return.

The FreightWatch Emergency Response Center (ERC) was notified, and through an embedded tracking device, the load was located.

FreightWatch coordinated a multi-jurisdictional response as the load remained in-transit, resulting in a full recovery and arrest of the suspect.

The load was subsequently returned to the transportation provider for an on-time delivery.

Secure Pharma Chain is encouraged by the use of technology to aid in the interdiction of pharmaceutical cargo theft and to minimize the negative impact to the supply chain and consumers.

It remains apparent that criminal elements realize the huge profits of pharmaceutical theft and are targeting these products.

Secure Pharma Chain endorses all members of the pharmaceutical supply chain (manufacturers, distributors, transportation providers, dispensers and consumers) to be aware of and take measures to protect themselves from theft, fraud, contamination, adulteration and counterfeiting.

Not only should members of the pharmaceutical supply chain protect the distribution process and the transaction but they should also verify, protect and authenticate their inventories by deploying solutions that guarantee the quality and efficacy of the product inside the container.

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