Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Freightwatch International: September 2010 Cargo Theft Report

FreightWatch International, an industry leader in providing cargo theft intelligence through data collection, analysis, and customized reporting, released their monthly report on cargo theft for September 2010.

recorded 42 cargo theft incidents in September; a substantial decrease in the average number of thefts per month this year. The states with the highest number of thefts were California and Florida followed by New Jersey and Texas.

This month, Clothing/shoes, Electronics and Building/Industrial were the most targeted commodities. By Location, 50% of the incidents occurred at truck stops and secure DC/Terminal lots.

Finally, an average of $322,657 resulted from the 15 incidents showing loss value amounts.

By commodity, pharmaceuticals had three reported incidents in September which matches the previous month:

• September 10th in Daytona, Florida a last mile delivery of pharmaceuticals was taken of an unreported value.

• September 14th in Chicago, Illinois there was a theft of a trailer with a pharmaceutical cargo of an unreported value.

• September 24th in Dandridge, Tennessee there was a theft of a trailer with a pharmaceutical load valued at $160, 848.

As a commodity, pharmaceuticals from October 2009 to September 2010 represent 5% of actual incidents of cargo theft.

The issue of pharmaceutical cargo theft energizes the need for material screening of products within the supply chain, from manufacturer to dispenser, to properly protect consumers everywhere.

As the value and prevalence increases, so too does the potential risk to consumers.

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