Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bing Hosting Spam Ads for Counterfeit Drugs on August 6, 2009 reported that Microsoft's Bing search engine hosts sponsored ads for online pharmacies of the type that generate spam to sell drugs illegally, according to a report from, an online pharmacy verification service, and, an internet compliance company.

  • The websites issued a report saying that an analysis of sponsored search results for internet pharmacies displayed on turned up ads that were nearly 90 percent for spam internet pharmacies that could be connected to organized crime.

  • KnujOn, an anti-spam company that says it has removed over 100,000 spam websites from the web, said the spam pharmacy sites are typically connected "organized crime and vast illicit drug networks, many of them based in Russia and Eastern Europe."

XStream encourages all to only buy prescriptions from known and licensed pharmacies. The only type of internet purchasing of pharmaceuticals should be with pharmacies that have regular “brick and mortar” licensed pharmacies in your area. If any pharmacy does not require a prescription from your physician it is likely to be unlicensed and the medication that it sells you counterfeit or adulterated material.

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