Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The National: Tighter Controls on Fake Drugs Sought

The Regional Conference on Fighting Counterfeit Medicines recently held in Dubai, examined the issue and solutions to fighting counterfeit medications. The conference, sponsored by Pfizer, attracted representatives from 15 countries.

XStream Systems President and Chief Technology Officer, Brian Mayo presented XStream’s revolutionary material screening technology at the conference.

Reported by Mitya Underwood and published by The National the following are some excerpts from the article:

  • The UAE must tighten its border controls and increase co-operation between enforcement agencies if it hopes to turn back the rising tide of counterfeit drugs, officials said yesterday.

  • The Ministry of Health said it would work with customs and free zone officials to stop fake medicines and medical equipment from entering the country or passing through its ports.

  • Dr Amin al Amiri, the chief executive of medical practices and licensing, said the ministry would ask customs officials to stop clearance for medicines and equipment until it had approval for each consignment.

  • Speaking at the Regional Conference on Fighting Counterfeit Medicines, Dr al Amari said the ministry hoped to reduce the UAE’s role in the global trafficking of illegal products. He declined to say how much counterfeit material was coming into or passing through the country.

  • Figures from the European Commission’s Taxation and Customs Union recently showed that the UAE was the origin of almost nine per cent of all counterfeit medicines seized at European borders in 2008. The UAE was the third largest importer after India and Syria.

  • Dr al Amiri said in addition to increased inspections and raids, a federal pharmaceutical law would be introduced to tighten penalties and introduce jail terms and larger fines.

  • Dr Mohammed Abuelkhair, the head of drugs and medical products registration at the Health Authority-Abu Dhabi, said the law should deter pharmacies from knowingly stocking counterfeit drugs and stop importers from targeting the UAE market.

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