Thursday, December 10, 2009

November 2009 Pharmaceutical Cargo Theft Report

Freightwatch International, an industry leader in providing cargo theft intelligence through data collection, analysis, and customized reporting, released its November 2009 cargo theft report.

There have been 64 cargo theft events for the month of November. There were three documented incidents of pharmaceutical theft which included H1N1 Vaccines, OTC Medications and Infant Formula.

Two months ago FreightWatch noted that cargo theft incidents are occurring from terminal and carrier lots, as well as public access parking lots. This trend has continued through November, where almost 45% of known theft locations were in terminal or carrier lots, in lieu of truck stops (approximately 20%), which are traditionally where cargo theft is known to occur in the highest amounts volume

These trends coincides with intelligence reports and activity that show cargo thieves are becoming more organized and proactive in targeting specific loads or products, conducting surveillance and stealing the loads at their first opportunity.

Members of the pharmaceutical supply chain should be aware of the incidents of pharmaceutical cargo thefts and the overall safety and security implications. XStream Systems encourages manufacturers, distributors and dispensers to utilize a variety of tools and solutions including EDXRD screening to secure, authenticate and verify that the inventories and products within their control are authenticate and safe. Nefarious sources of supply are known to infiltrate the legitimate supply chain with fraudulent, adulterated and counterfeit medications which impact the safety, security and efficacy of supply to healthcare consumers.

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