Monday, January 4, 2010

Drug Resistant Diseases Fueled by Counterfeit Medications Impact Developed Nations

As has been repeatedly discussed on this blog, drug resistant strains of diseases have evolved in underdeveloped countries by counterfeit medications that contain just enough of the active ingredient of the drug used to treat the disease to fool rudimentary analytical testing used to verify the drugs authenticity. Unfortunately these fake medications, with minor amounts of the real drug add injury to insult by not only not treating the disease but in creating drug resistant strains of the disease itself.

Until lately this issue has largely impact underdeveloped nations in Africa and Asia but as you can see by recent media reports and this article which appears in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, this phenomenon is now hitting US shores with drug resistant strains of Tuberculosis.

This problem of drug resistant strains in Africa kills thousands every day.
Developed and underdeveloped nations need to take action and utilize a variety of solutions to put an end to this issue which makes deadly diseases more sophisticated and deadlier.

Solutions such as XStream System’s, XT250 are able to do on-site, molecular screening of pharmaceuticals that can verify active ingredients, excipients and packaging to authenticate and verify medications inside their sealed, unit-of-sale container would drastically curtail the ability of counterfeiters to sell and distribute substandard medications in developed and underdeveloped nations.

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