Monday, January 11, 2010

FreightWatch International: December 2009, The Highest Month Ever for Cargo Theft in the US

FreightWatch International, an industry leader in providing cargo theft intelligence through data collection, analysis, and customized reporting, released their monthly report on cargo theft for December 2009.

According to Freightwatch, in the month of December there were over 82 reported cargo thefts. This is the highest number of cargo thefts ever reported by Freightwatch in the United States in a single month.

California, Florida and Texas accounted the highest number of cargo theft incidents. There were 23 theft incidents in California, 13 in Texas and 10 in Florida.

By commodity, the food and drink industry suffered the highest volume of losses with 19. electronics and auto parts continue to remain high with 15 and 11 thefts respectively. FreightWatch also recorded three thefts in the pharmaceutical sector.

The reported pharmaceutical thefts were a December 5th incident in Pennsylvania where over $266,000 of OTC medications were stolen and several separate incidents that occurred on December 13th which occurred in North Carolina and Virginia. These incidents involved the theft of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and contact lens solution.

This monthly report essentially reinforces many points of the the Secure Pharma Chain Blog of January 1st which commented on Nick Basta’s excellent article in Pharmaceutical Commerce. In this particular article Mr. Basta reported that pharmaceutical cargo theft was becoming a largely organized criminal activity.

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