Wednesday, March 31, 2010

K-V Pharmaceutical May Not Resume Sales Until 4th Quarter

K-V Pharmaceuticals announced last week that it will not resume sales until October 2010 at the earliest and may have to cut operations to stay in business.

K-V stopped all manufacturing and shipping in January 2009 after a series of product recalls and has closed its generic drug unit Ethex.

K-V pleaded guilty in February to charges it failed to inform regulators about manufacturing problems that caused some of its pills to be too large, which could have lead to accidental overdoses.

The K-V saga is a cautionary tale of a company who has suffered from a lack of product quality control, testing and verification. Had authentication technologies been in place at the point of manufacture, distribution or dispense the issue of manufacturing difficulties would have been discovered prior to the dispensing of the drug to any consumer.

XStream Systems encourages the entire pharmaceutical supply chain to employ authentication and verification technologies from end to end to protect inventories and consumers.

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