Friday, March 26, 2010

Re-Packaged Drug Scare: Diabetes and AIDs Drugs Switched During Packaging

An Indian pharmaceutical company announced a recall in South Africa on products mis-labeled during its repackaging process.

Be-Tabs Pharmaceutical, a division of Ranbaxy, announced an urgent recall of Diacare tablets for diabetics and Cozole an anti-biotic for HIV positive patients.

Be-Tabs company spokespeople say that the Diacare tablets had been packed into boxes labeled as Cozole.

According to medical experts, the side effects for patients that take the mis-labeled products could range from mild to death however the most extreme impact only happening if the patient takes excessive amounts of the Diacare products. The largest impact is considered for HIV patients that are not compliant with their clinical regimens and suffer the effects of being off their medications.

It is not immediately known how many products were incorrectly labeled or how many patients are impacted.

This story is a cautionary tale that is happening all to often for all manufacturers, re-packagers and dispensers. Professional entities are encouraged to include Quality Controls in their processes to protect their supply chain partners and healthcare consumers from mis-labeled, sub-potent, adulterated and counterfeit medications.

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