Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lupin Pharmaceuticals Notifies Distributors of Large Cargo Theft

On May 21st a trailer containing 15 pallets of Lupin Pharmaceuticals' generic drugs were stolen in Memphis, Tennessee from a commercial transportation parking lot.

To date, Lupin has not issued a public announcement to warn consumers on its website or via a press release but has sent a letter to drug wholesalers with details and quantities of the stolen medications.

Included in the thefts were large quantities of generic cholesterol-lower pills, antibiotics and epileptic medications.

To see a copy of the letter sent to wholesalers with the details of the stolen drugs, visit: http://freepdfhosting.com/eb3250947f.pdf.

This theft underscores the vulnerability of the pharmaceutical supply chain and undermines the confidence of consumers because it is likely that these stolen medications will end up being sold over the internet, are adulterated in someway or the contents be repackaged and the original bottles used for counterfeit medications.

Secure Pharma Chain Blog, endorses the concept of all members of the supply using authentication technologies to verify their inventories and chain of custody.
This lack of information from Lupin is evidence of the industries fear of the public-at-large understanding how vulnerable the products that they consume daily are and the growing prevelance of adulterated, fraudulent and counterfeit medications are even in the US.

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