Friday, September 17, 2010

Eli Lilly: Efforts to Stop Counterfeit Medications

"The private sector must stand ready to partner with the public sector in tackling this problem."

Lilly Pad, a new corporate blog from Eli Lilly, posted a feature on September 13th written by Amy O’Connor regarding counterfeit medications.

Ms. O’Conner blogs about the Eli Lilly perspective on counterfeiting and cites some of the recent articles in the media regarding this deadly act.

Highlighted in the blog:

• A common misperception is that counterfeits and generics are the same thing. The counterfeiters can make significant profits from generics, and in some cases more profit if there is a higher volume of demand. To categorize them as such is unfair to the world’s generic drug producers. Legitimate products, either branded or generic, must go through stringent regulatory approval processes before going on the market. In most countries, both generic and branded drug makers are bound by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) that are designed to ensure product potency, safety and efficacy.

• Lilly remains committed to patient safety in the face of this growing problem. Our company has initiated a broad range of actions to aggressively protect our patients against the exploitative actions of criminal counterfeiters. This includes the addition of enhanced Anti-Counterfeiting technologies for Lilly products and packaging in our retail product portfolio, and changes in our distribution system.

• We actively partner with government, non-government organizations, and trade associations to strengthen, enact, and enforce Anti-Counterfeiting laws, and to raise awareness among governments and with patients. The private sector must stand ready to partner with the public sector in tackling this problem. However, without more rigorous international cooperation to improve regulations, laws and penalties related to counterfeiting medicines and also enforce them, the consequences for worldwide patient safety will be serious.

Secure Pharma Chain endorses Eli Lilly’s continued commitment to combating this deadly global epidemic and encourages other members of the pharmaceutical supply chain (manufacturers, distributors and dispensers) to deploy technologies and solutions to protect their brands and consumers.

Secure Pharma Chain also welcomes Lilly Pad to the world of corporate blogs and looks forward to following and reading its contributions and insights.

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