Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Prominant U.S. Pharmacist Accused of Selling Fake Drugs

A prominent Wisconsin pharmacist, who served on the University of Wisconsin Foundation and built a national reputation for helping women cope with PMS has been accused of shipping millions of fake doses of Viagra and other prescription medications.

Dr. Marla Ahlgrimm owner of Women’s Health America and her alleged partner Balbir Bhogal are purported to have imported pills from India with the identical coloring and markings of Viagra and other prescription drugs and selling them to an Internet pharmacy service among others.

Feds intercepted the drugs being shipped by an Internet pharmacy, which turned over its illegal Viagra, oxycodone and anti-anxiety meds. Tests determined the drugs, which were traced back to Ahlgrimm and Bhogal, contained either no medication or only tiny amounts.

When a trusted health care professional intentionally poisons the pharmaceutical supply chain with fraudulent, counterfeit medications, the only protection is in the members of the supply chain routinely verifying the safety and clinical efficacy of the product through authentication technologies.

Secure Pharma Chain encourages everyone within the pharmaceutical supply chain to deploy a variety of technologies, specifically authentication solutions to protect their inventories from fraudulent, adulterated and counterfeit medications.

Authentication solutions go beyond pedigree or track and trace solutions and verifies to the end user what is inside the box within their inventories.

Knowing where the box has been is important but knowing what is inside the box is critical.

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