Friday, November 12, 2010

Freightwatch: Truckload of Pharmaceuticals Stolen

A full truckload of pharmaceuticals was stolen from a rest area in Florence, Kentucky at approximately 10 pm, Wednesday, November 11.

According to an email alert, Freightwatch International, an industry leader in providing cargo theft intelligence through data collection, analysis, and customized reporting, the theft occurred approximately 225 miles from the shipment’s point of origin.

The load value of the shipment has not been established, but is reported to be worth several million dollars.

The driver and his passenger reportedly left the truck alongside the exit ramp from the rest area because all the parking spaces were full. The vehicle was reportedly left unattended for approximately 15 minutes.

FreightWatch highly recommends that shippers of highly targeted goods such as electronics and pharmaceuticals ensure their transportation providers are aware of all in-transit security requirements and that the shipper has the capability to audit their compliance at any time.

Members of the pharmaceutical supply chain need to be on alert for these stolen goods and their containers. It is likely that the criminals will sell the products which may be harmful if not properly stored and use their containers to introduce counterfeit medications into the legitimate supply chain.

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