Monday, November 1, 2010

Health Minister: Proliferation of Counterfeit Drugs More Serious Than Drug Trafficking

The proliferation of counterfeit pharmaceutical drugs has become a global problem more serious than illegal drug trafficking.

The China Post is reporting on comments Taiwanese Health Minister Yang Chih-liang made during a press conference recently.

According to the story in the China Post:

-The government has been strongly cracking down on counterfeit drugs since March; as of September, the number of TV ads featuring fake medicine increased by 260 cases while the amount of the fake drugs confiscated is 4.1 that of the year before.

-Yang said in order to combat counterfeit drugs, authorities must tackle manufacturers, distribution, promotion channels and educate the public all at once.

-Pharmaceuticals are usually issued by doctors and pharmacists with prescriptions and proper doses, Yang said, adding that the public needs to develop the mindset that while drugs can cure illness, it can also become a poison.

-Aside from the DOH, the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Finance, Coast Guard Administration, the National Communications Commission, the Government Information Office and Consumer Protection Commission have all come together to crack down on fake drugs.

-The total number of illegal fake pills confiscated from January to September is 7,341,958, 4.1 times that from last year.

Secure Pharma Chain encourages all regulatory agencies to take a more aggressive approach in cracking down on this dangerous criminal activity and in educating the general public.

It is important that members of the pharmaceutical supply chain take proactive measures in protecting their inventories and interdicting illicit, adulterated, fraudulent and counterfeit medications.

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