Friday, March 7, 2008

Part 4: Who is liable when a counterfeit or adulterated medication gets to the consumer?

Liability Opinion Series (4 of 4)
by Alan Clock, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing
XStream Systems, Inc.

Now, with the release of the XT250 System and its use of EDXRD technology, everyone within the pharmaceutical supply chain has a tool that allows them to authenticate, verify and document the actual contents of a sealed container down to its molecular structure.

Additionally XStream Systems has built in a robust networking capability within the XT250 System which allows the user to interface the results of its analysis into the production, inventory, pedigree and a variety of other industry software so that the tested product can be tracked throughout the process. This networking capability will allow the Production or Corporate Security Manager to track and trace the analysis, QA/QC, receiving, returns or pedigree process globally, within a distribution network or within a warehouse.

Maybe now that there is finally a solution to an ever increasing problem of counterfeit and adulterated medications, the manufacturers, distributors and dispensers won’t feel the need to pass on the responsibility, especially since they are ultimately liable and will be able to engage XStream Systems in a proactive solution.

About the author: Alan Clock is an industry veteran and a pharmaceutical supply chain expert with over 20 years experience in senior roles at AmerisourceBergen, McKesson and Cardinal Health.

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