Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Counterfeit Drugs are No Joke - Counterfeit and Substandard Cancer Drugs Sold to Consumers in India

Counterfeit drugs have a serious impact on the public’s health. As those who produce the spurious drugs have become more sophisticated and organized, they have stepped up their inventory to include life-saving medications, thus intensifying the dangers to the consumer.

Reported in The Times of India this week, The State Health Department in India has uncovered a counterfeit drug ring where crucial anti-cancer drugs have been illegally manufactured, re-bottled, and sold after their expiration dates.

The initial investigation has proved that these products have reached the public and have been consumed. Officials involved in the investigation have not determined yet if any deaths have resulted in the distribution of these spurious drugs due partly to the expanse of their distribution.

Officials have stated that the criminal ring posed as at least four legitimate manufacturing facilities and those manufacturers have denied any part in the production of these medicines.

The investigation is ongoing as officials examine the numerous outlets that sell anti-cancer drugs.

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