Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Swine Flu Spam in your InBox

MacAfee has confirmed it! - Swine Flu Spam emails accounted for 2 – 3% of the global spam yesterday. We knew this was inevitable – especially since “Swine Flu” is the topic of discussion everywhere. Those internet pharmacies are trying to sell you their “Tamiflu” before the supply runs out. But buyers should beware!

Many of those spam emails direct the reader to online pharmacies. Readers are warned some of the sites were simply a ploy to scam credit card information out of buyers. Other sites are of questionable origin and may expose the consumers to dangerous counterfeit drugs.

Consumers should be aware that buying medications online from an unknown pharmacy puts their health at risk. Tamiflu is a prescription and needs to be prescribed by a doctor, any pharmacy attempting to sell the drug without a prescription is not thinking of your health and well being. Secondly, you should only buy medications from your local pharmacy or a mail order pharmacy that is tied to a brick and mortar pharmacy.

Wholesale suppliers should heighten their awareness and their security measures. We at XStream suggest adding molecular pharmaceutical authentication to your validation methods. It provides the confidence that both you and your consumers need that only top quality products cross through your doors!

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