Tuesday, April 7, 2009

UK Associations Supporting MHRA Requirements to Combat Drug Counterfeits

Medical News Today reported that several prominent pharmacy associations within the UK are supporting proposals for the MHRA to strengthen the pharmaceutical supply chain and reduce the risk from counterfeit medications.

This endorsement, seemingly unprecedented within the US and EU, is another telltale sign that the impact of fake and counterfeit medications within this highly regulated and developed nation has reached a point where significant measures need to be in place to protect the pharmaceutical supply and its consumers. Hopefully other pharmacy organizations within the US and EU will follow suit to protect their populations.

Read the story below:

Pharmacy Bodies Response To Reducing The Risk From Counterfeit Medicine

(March 26, 2009) The Association of Independent Multiples (AIMp), Community Pharmacy Wales (CPW), Company Chemists Association (CCA), The National Pharmacy Association (NPA) and The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) have responded to the MHRA consultation on measures to strengthen the medicines supply chain and reduce the risk from counterfeit medicines.

The pharmacy bodies support the proposals for the MHRA to strengthen the requirements for holding a Wholesalers dealer licence (WDL) and also the new proposals for Responsible Persons with the establishment of a Code of Conduct against which Responsible Persons can be judged. The MHRA should also have the power to remove a Responsible Person from the register. The bodies also support the introduction of a due diligence obligation for the holder of a WDL.

Whilst supporting the proposals to ensuring that potential offences relating to counterfeit medicines are provided for in legislation the bodies oppose the introduction of an offence for failing to report a suspect counterfeit medicine. A criminal sanction is inappropriate for failure to report.

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