Monday, September 28, 2009

FDA: Supplier Audits, Qualification Needed to Protect Supply Chain

At the Parenteral Drug Association-FDA 2009 Joint Regulatory Conference the FDA was on record stating that manufacturers should secure their supply chains through testing and anticipate risks to head off issues like the recent contamination of imported ingredients.

Steven Wolfgang, FDA Consumer Safety Officer is quoted as saying, “ the FDA is looking more closely at quality management systems as a first step toward that goal.”

This reinforces XStream’s position that material screening should be done throughout the supply chain to verify and authenticate materials from raw materials, to production, through distribution and to the point of dispense. Material screening is the most effect way to make certain that the product is protected and maintains it effectiveness to the consumer.

XStream’s XT250 solution allows the entire supply chain to quickly screen products, within the supply chain, inside it unit-of-sale container without degradation or the destruction of the material.

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