Saturday, September 19, 2009

Recall on Heart Worm Prevention Meds Due to Lack of Quality Control

In yet another recall of a medication due to quality assurance, dosage control and sub potency, the manufacturer that produces the heartworm prevention medicine, Worm Shield, has been taken off of store shelves because there's not enough medicine in the product to prevent heartworms.

No adverse reactions or illnesses have been reported as a result of taking this product.

Affected product lots:

  • WORM SHIELD Dogs Small 0-25 lbs., lot #090073

  • WORM SHIELD Dogs Large 51-100 lbs., lot #090095

If your dog weighs 75 pounds or more, it may not be currently protected against heartworm. All owners who have a dog that weigh 75 pounds or more, should schedule an appointment as soon as possible with your local veterinarian for heartworm testing. Your dog will need to be tested again in five to six months after its last dose to ensure it was not infected.

According to the manufacturer, dogs that weigh less than 75 pounds are currently protected against heartworm, but the product may not work at acceptable levels through the expiration date. Owners should return any WORM SHIELD from the recalled lots as soon as possible so it can be replaced to ensure your Pet’s protection from heartworm infection. If you are concerned about your Pet’s health, please contact your veterinarian for further advice.

Clearly this is yet another example of lack of quality control as it relates to the clinical effectiveness of the medication. XStream advocates that manufacturers, distributors and dispensers of all medications utilize technology like XStream’s XT250 in maintaining quality assurance of the efficacy of the product, while protecting against fraud and counterfeiting.

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