Wednesday, September 2, 2009

UPS Supply Chain Survey: Nearly Half Worry about Product Tampering and Counterfeiting

In UPS’s 2nd Annual Supply Chain Survey, conducted by Harris Interactive, there was a somewhat surprising discovery as it relates to fraudulent and counterfeit products in the supply chain.

The survey was reported in the June 2009 issue of Pharmaceutical Commerce.

In the survey, decision makers at bio-pharma and med device companies were asked a variety of questions to identify supply chain issues beyond simple transportation and delivery.

The somewhat surprising discovery was that 48% of the large company respondents (companies with revenues in excess of $1 billion annually) while 34% of smaller companies, listed product tampering and counterfeiting as one of their biggest supply chain concerns for the year.

Pharmaceutical Commerce is quoted in the June 2009 issue:

It is worth noting that nearly half (48%) of large-company respondents cited product tampering and counterfeiting as a concern, which belies the relatively quieter scene in drug pedigree, tracking and tracing as a result of the postponement of the pedigree rules in California.

This survey validates much of what XStream Systems is finding in the pharmaceutical supply chain as well. Although much of the pressure has been lifted from the delayed pedigree rules, there is a realization among decision makers that there remains a significant amount of stress with few solutions within the supply chain as it relates to fraudulent, tampered and counterfeit product. To date many key executives have seemingly ignored the threat of increased liability and brand erosion because they have few if any solutions to adequately meet the issue. Pedigree and track and trace technologies although mandated in specific states, provides minimal protection against diverted products but do nothing to decrease their liability and protect their inventories from counterfeiting or tampered products.

XStream Systems, with its revolutionary EDXRD technologies, has a technology solution that enhances the ability of the members of the supply chain to authenticate the product, within its sealed container, without destroying or degrading the medication. This solution, allows the user to authenticate and verify the contents of the product, not just the package and properly secure their inventories and overall liability.

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