Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Indian Drugmakers Seen as Benefiting from Increased FDA Regulation

The Wednesday, July 29th edition of the Wall Street Journal reports that Indian generic drug makers are most likely to benefit in the long run because of increased FDA Regulation and scrutiny. The Journal sites sources that predict that with this scrutiny by the FDA these manufacturers will be in a better position than their rivals in the United States or China when over $100 billion drugs go off patent in the next five years. Indian manufacturers have over 107 FDA approved manufacturing plants which is the highest number outside of the United States.
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XStream Systems speculates that drug makers and importers/exporters globally can mitigate this advantage presumably enjoyed by Indian manufacturers by increasing their internal scrutiny and quality control measures by increasing their use of technology as they export pharmaceuticals into developed nations. Technology solutions such as XStream System’s XT250 allow the manufacturer or importer to screen and verify the quality and efficacy of medications post-manufacturer, within the pharmaceutical supply chain and its sealed unit-of-sale container.

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