Monday, July 27, 2009

Thieves Hijack $8.8m in Sanofi-Aventis Products

As reported by the Associated Press and, authorities are investigating the reported theft of a tractor-trailer carrying approximately $8.8 million in pharmaceutical drugs from a truck stop in Temple, Georgia.

The July theft, at the Pilot Truck Stop was a shipment of Sanofi-Aventis products which included blood thinners and cold and nasal medicine. It was the second theft of an entire truck at this particular truck stop in recent months. quotes Freightwatch International (FWI) which indicates that “in 2008 pharmaceutical thefts in the USA rose by a third, with criminals actively targeting drug shipments on an unprecedented scale”

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it has asked for help from pharmaceutical drug distributors and pharmacies, which may have received unsolicited or suspicious offers for the Sanofi-Aventis drug products, in tracing the stolen batches. They also urge those involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain to verify pedigrees received with any wholesale drug purchases.

XStream Systems encourages distributors and dispensers to verify their transactions via pedigree but also to properly screen their receivables and returns to authenticate the medications inside the packaging.

“FDA is committed to protecting the public from receiving stolen drug products that may not have been stored and handled properly and may be dangerous for patients to use,” said the agency in a statement.

Full details of the batch and lot numbers are as follows:
LOVENOX 120MG - batch/lot numbers: 12210, 12221, and 12218
LOVENOX 30MG - batch/lot number: 29395
LOVENOX 80MG - batch/lot number: 28534
XYZAL 5MG - batch/lot number: 8047787
NASACORT AQ 16.5G - batch/lot number: N09108A
BENZACLIN GEL 50G PUMP - batch/lot number: 8047564

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