Friday, July 31, 2009

Fake Flu Vaccine Warning in the Philippines

The Philippines Daily Inquirer ran the following story about Bureau of Food and Drugs warning consumers and pharmacy providers about a fake flu vaccine.

As previously warned in the blog, it is anticipated that the incidents of counterfeit and fraudulent vaccines and anti-viral medications will grow as the H1N1 epidemic continues throughout the flu seasons globally.

XStream cautions all members of the pharmaceutical supply chain to all transactional and verification procedures available to properly authenticate their inventories while warning all consumers to purchase medications only from legitimate, licensed pharmacies.

Bureau of Food and Drugs Warn Public vs Flu Vaccine Imitation

MANILA, Philippines (07/29/2009) – (UPDATE) The Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) warned the public and drugstore owners against a fake flu vaccine using the brand name Vaxigrip.

"Reports have it that this flu vaccine purportedly contains only distilled water," the BFAD said in a public health advisory dated July 28, but issued only on Wednesday.

"In view of these (news) reports, the BFAD strongly warns all drugstore owners and their pharmacists to exercise due diligence in buying this vaccine and any other drugs and medicines" from the manufacturers of Vaxigrip, the BFAD stated in its advisory.

“Finally, all consumers are advised to purchase vaccines and other drugs and medicines only from outlets duly licensed by BFAD and to demand receipts as well,” BFAD continued.

It asked the public to report cases of counterfeit drugs to BFAD’s Regulation Division at 809-4390 local 1131.

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