Thursday, July 23, 2009

Using Scientific Tools in an International War on Fake Drugs

The July 20th edition of the New York Times published an excellent article written by Thomas Fuller about using mass spectrometers and other forensic laboratory technologies to identify and interdict fraudulent and counterfeit medications.

The article is an excellent source of information on counterfeit drugs and the efforts to use authentication technology as an effective tool in finding and securing international pharmaceutical supply chain.

Laboratory instruments are an excellent resource in gaining granular and exact information on suspect materials and fake medications.

XStream’s XT250 Material Identification solution like these laboratory technologies has proven to be an effective tool in identifying fake medication but has been developed to be deployed within the supply chain and used by a non-technical resource for instant and exact information on suspected product. The XT250 does not require the destruction of the material and allows the testing of the material inside its sealed unit-of-sale container so that material found to be good can remain in the supply chain and go onto the consumer. To find out more about XStream’s revolutionary technology visit our website at

XStream endorses all technologies used in the fight against counterfeit drugs because we realize that there is no one solution to protect the vital health care supply chain.
To read the Thomas Fuller’s article please follow the link:

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