Saturday, February 20, 2010

Interpol: Counterfeit Hotspots

The map above created by Interpol, shows by color code, the countries and continents and the severity of the issue of counterfeit activity within that area. Interpol labels this map as Global Counterfeiting Hotspots.

The color codes are red for severe, yellow for serious and green for significant.

This map shows counterfeiting activity in general but even with that clearly Asia and Middle East seem to dominate the areas that Interpol considers serious.

As it relates to drug counterfeiting, the World Health Organization estimates that the global market place for fake drugs will exceed $75 billion in 2010 and with a growth rate of 12-16%. If Interpol were to make a map exclusive to drug counterfeiting, it would be likely that there would be many more reds and yellows and less green..

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