Tuesday, February 23, 2010

RxPatrol Alert: Drug Cargo Theft in Puerto Rico

RxPatrol has reported about a recent pharmaceutical cargo theft that occurred on January 29th in Bayamon, Puerto Rico.

An unmarked truck and driver was high jacked at gun point near an industrial area and taken to a different town and put out of the vehicle. Ultimately the truck was left nearby and was recovered without the shipment.

The high jacked shipment was a delivery of drugs valued at $516,412 that was being shipped from Cesar Castillo to Borshow Drug. The items were the property of Sanofi Aventis

The stolen drugs included:
• 48 bottles of 100 ct. Ambien CR Tablets 6.25mg.
• 1,000 units of Lantus injection Vials

According to RxPatrol, for further information, law enforcement and other interested parties should contact the Puerto Rico Police, Detective Edward Rodriguez assigned, phone # 787-269-2030 or 787-269-4140. Incident # 2010-232-593.

Douglas Liptak is the security contact for Sanofi Aventis, phone # 908-981-4510

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