Saturday, February 13, 2010

Medical High Jacking: Polish Police Recover 11 Tons of Stolen Plasma

Polish police announced that they have recovered 11 tons of human blood plasma that had been stolen from the U.S. Company BioLife Plasma Services, a collection facility owned by Baxter International. The plasma was on its way to Austria, officials said Thursday.

The stolen Blood Plasma was worth more than euro1 million ($1.4 million), and was taken while the driver made a rest stop in Germany.

The plasma was recovered in its original boxes originating from Harrisonburg, Virginia, where BioLife Plasma Services, has operations.

BioLife spokeswoman Laura Jacobs said the plasma had come from other facilities as well, but did not elaborate.

Jacobs said the company was working with local authorities to determine how the theft occurred. "Importantly, the plasma has been recovered and is currently in Baxter's Vienna facility," she said.

Plasma is a critical component used in the treatment of a wide range of medical procedures. Given that the product was stolen and has lost its official chain of custody it remains to be seen if all of the Blood Plasma would need to be destroyed due to potential issues of contamination and adulteration.

This particular incident, based on stolen but critical medical supplies, energizes the need for routine material screening of products within the supply chain, from manufacturing to dispensing, to properly protect consumers from fraud, adulteration, contamination and counterfeiting.

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