Saturday, April 10, 2010

Breitbart: China Faces New Health Scare Over 'Bad Vaccines'

In a story posted on, the various recent incidents of fraudulent, mis-handled, adulterated and counterfeit consumer products that have negatively impacted the healthcare of the Chinese consumer is chronicled.

Several of these deadly stories of corruption and greed have been previously reported in Secure Pharma Chain Blog.

This is an excellent read for the uninitiated as it relates to the dangers that exist when supply chains are not tightly controlled, regulated and enforced.

The stories of fraudulent vaccines, tainted Heparin, poisoned baby formula and various other deadly consumer products are all too commonplace in China. It would appear to the casual observer that instead of being isolated incidents these incidents of deadly consumer products seem to be on the rise.

Of concern to many is the fact that as the global economy expands, the reality is that a good many of the products that are consumed around the globe have raw materials and/or are manufactured in China. These products are now part of the various supply chains and can be found on the shelves of retailers everywhere.

Secure Pharma Chain Blog encourages industry leaders, governments and consumers require that the inventories of the supply chains that service their basic needs of food, medications and other goods are safe, secure, authenticated and fit for consumption.

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