Thursday, April 8, 2010

WSJ: US Authorities Investigating Alleged Sales Of Counterfeit Insulin Test Strips

Peter Loftus in the Wall Street Journal reports that the US government is currently investigating a Florida businessman who Johnson & Johnson says sold counterfeit versions of its OneTouch diabetes test strips.

J & J has aggressively conducted this investigation, which it says involves participants in China, Pakistan and the US, for the last four years.

According to the WSJ, if charges are filed against the US distributor, Jacques Duplessis, it would be the first instance resulting from J&J's four-year effort. Notably, a 2006 FDA alert about the counterfeit strips warned that they could give inaccurate readings, causing diabetes patients to take either too much, or too little, insulin.

This incident is very relevant in that it shows that the prevalence of counterfeit medications and devices that have been a major issue in the rest of the world outside of the United States has been impacting our consumers and will likely proliferate further.

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