Sunday, April 25, 2010

Canadian Gold Medal Paralympian Arrested for Counterfeit Drugs

The Globe and Mail are reporting on a story of the Gold Medal Skip or Captain of the 2010 Canadian Paralympics Curling Team being arrested in the United States on charges of trafficking in counterfeit drugs.

According to Washington State court records, Jim Armstrong of Richmond, BC was arrested in Blaine, Washington while trying to pick up a package of thousands of counterfeit Viagra and Cialis pills.

The court complaint, filed April 16, said Mr. Armstrong “caused the introduction into interstate commerce of a misbranded drug with intent to mislead or defraud.” It also alleges he was involved in the trafficking of these counterfeit drugs.

The issue of counterfeit drugs, its almost mainstream criminal activity and the threat to the healthcare of consumers worldwide encourages the need of all within the pharmaceutical supply chain to deploy solutions and technologies to combat this potentially deadly crime.

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