Monday, April 19, 2010

WSJ: Ranbaxy Recalls Antibiotic in U.S.

The Wall Street Journal Thursday reported that Ranbaxy Laboratories, Ltd voluntarily recalled two lots of it oral antibiotic for ear, nose and throat infections.

The recall follows complaints by U.S. consumers that the antibiotic turned brown when reconstituted instead of its proper color, white. According to the FDA, this is a class II recall which indicates that the recalled antibiotic is not expected to cause health problems.

As stated in the previous blog, regarding an FDA warning letter to Apotex, Secure Pharma Chain Blog, recommends that all members of the supply chain protect their inventories and their brand by deploying authentication and material verification that will interdict issues with adulteration, fraud, counterfeit and improper manufacturing that threaten the efficacy of pharmaceuticals and the health of consumers downstream.

In the past several years, manufacturing concerns by foreign pharmaceutical companies have been discovered within the supply chain that could have been detected at various points of the supply chain by readily available material authentication solutions.

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