Monday, December 13, 2010

Fake Drug Factory Seized

Bangladesh’s BDNews24 is reporting that several fake counterfeit drug factories have been raided and closed this week by authorities.

According to the December 7th report in BDNews24:

• The Rapid Action Battalion has sealed a fake drug factory and arrested three people in a special drive at Babubazar Bhuiyan Medicine Market in the capital.

• Magistrate A B M Anwar Pasha told that they seized fake drugs worth Tk 500,000 conducting the special raid at Lakkhi Drug House and Joy Corporation of Bhuiyan Medicine Market on Tuesday and arrested three in this connection.

• Pasha alleged that the arrestees used to manufacture fake drugs rapping covers [packaging labels] of different well-known drug companies and release those in the markets.

• The RAB on Monday also sealed a fake drug factory at Nagarzanj of Keraniganj Upazila in Dhaka.

With its proximity to China and India and its stifling poverty, Bangladesh’s population is significantly impacted by the proliferation of counterfeit medications within its pharmaceutical supply chain.

It is encouraging that authorities are taking proactive action against the criminal elements that are attempting to insert their fakes into the legitimate supply. It is especially important to interdict the point of production to keep these lethal fakes from impacting the health and well being of millions. Apparently these were organizations posing as legitimate businesses that were selling their fakes into traditional medication markets.

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