Sunday, December 26, 2010

Thieves Commandeer Pharmaceutical Delivery Truck and Abduct Driver

Police report of another pharmaceutical shipment hijacked by gunmen.

The Baltimore Sun
reports on the story of a pharmaceutical delivery driver who was abducted December 13th while making his deliveries in Baltimore by thieves who made off with a truckload of drug products

Highlights from The Baltimore Sun article include:

• Police called the morning heist “incredibly thought-out,” and were looking for three suspects.

• The 55-year-old driver was forced at gunpoint into the back of his delivery truck and transported to an unknown location where the suspects unloaded about 80 crates of drug products.

• “The value of the drugs is significant,” said Baltimore Police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, who said he could not place a dollar figure. “We believe the individuals responsible might have had knowledge about where and when the truck was going to be.”

• Guglielmi said police were in contact with the local FBI and DEA.

Clearly theft of prescription pharmaceuticals is proliferating given the high value and additional profitability of both the product and their packaging.

Organized criminal gangs are seizing the high profits and relative low risk in the criminal activity of pharmaceutical theft and drug counterfeiting.

The crime is has a double return to the criminal-prescription drugs are a valuable commodity and their packaging, used in the introduction of fraudulent, adulterated or counterfeit goods carries equal significance.

Members of the pharmaceutical supply chain must be on guard to protect their inventories from theft and fraudulent, adulterated, sub-standard and counterfeit drugs.

Consumers need to be made more aware of the prevalence and danger of bogus medications.

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