Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Freightwatch International: November 2010 Cargo Theft Report

FreightWatch International, an industry leader in providing cargo theft intelligence through data collection, analysis, and customized reporting, released their monthly report on cargo theft for November 2010.

recorded 70 incidents in November. Prior to the Holiday season, Electronics and Food/Drinks continue to be the most stolen commodities.

By location, California, New Jersey and Texas accounted 64% of all the thefts recorded in November with 28, 11, and 6 thefts respectively.

This month, an average loss value of $642,371 resulted from the 24 incidents that contained an estimated load value.

On November 10, a load of pharmaceuticals worth $10.9 million was stolen a few miles away from its point of origin. The driver left the load unattended for approximately 15 minutes when it was stolen.

The issue of pharmaceutical cargo theft energizes the need for material screening of products within the supply chain, from manufacturer to dispenser, to properly protect consumers everywhere.

As the value and prevalence increases, so too does the potential risk to consumers.

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