Friday, December 17, 2010

FreightWatch: Armed Hijacking at Pharmaceutical Distribution Center

Gunmen hijack delivery vans at a pharmaceutical distribution center, police recover product and apprehend the suspects.

FreightWatch International, an industry leader in providing cargo theft intelligence released a news bulletin regarding the armed hijacking of a pharmaceutical distribution center.

According to the bulletin:

• Three armed men entered a pharmaceutical distribution facility as the dock doors were rolled up in the early hours of December 17, in Memphis, Tennessee.

• The armed men held 9 people at gunpoint and proceeded to drive away with three delivery vans full of product.

• Through the use of redundant covert tracking devices embedded in the pharmaceutical products, the suspects and product were tracked to a house where police were able to recover the product and apprehend several of the suspects.

Pharmaceuticals have become a valuable currency and organized gangs realize the high profitability in the theft, adulteration, fraud and counterfeiting of all medications.

All members of the pharmaceutical supply chain must take proactive steps to protect their inventories from theft, adulteration and counterfeited products.

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