Monday, August 2, 2010

Counterfeit Drug Return on Investment Formula

The following is a re-post of a blog from Secure Pharma Chain in November 2009 detailing the criminal's financial success formula regarding Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals.

In a recently published article the following is a quote from industry expert, Martin Van Triest, Interim Director of Rx-360, illustrates the high profitability of counterfeiting pharmaceuticals:

“If a counterfeiter invests $2,000 in faking a DVD, he may turn that into $20,000; if he invests $2,000 into faking cocaine, he may turn that into $200,000; but if he invests $2,000 into faking a pharmaceutical drug, he may turn that money into $2 million! At the same time, the punishment for getting caught counterfeiting pharmaceuticals is far less severe than for counterfeiting illegal recreational drugs such as cocaine. "

Now you know why this deadly criminal act, which threatens the health and wellness of entire populations, is growing at a rate that puts all consumers around the globe at risk.

It is incumbent on all members of the pharmaceutical supply chain and consumers to become aware of this risk and to demand that regulatory and industry standards are in place to protect inventories, packaged medications and dispensed drugs.

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