Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pharmaceutical Cargo Theft and Recovery

As organized criminal elements continue to target the pharmaceutical supply chain, FreightWatch International has reported a pharmaceutical theft and its subsequent recovery of a drug courier shipment in Michigan on August 17th.

According to FreightWatch International, the courier van that contained pharmaceutical products destined for multiple stops, originated in Livonia, Michigan on August 17th.

The van and its contents were stolen while the driver had stopped and was making a delivery at a distribution point in the Greater Detroit Metro area.

Fortunately the pharmaceutical product was equipped with a covert GPS tracker and the Detroit Metro Police was notified and they were able to recover the stolen products and arrest two suspects.

The value of the recovered stolen goods was not reported.

This is a victory in pharmaceutical supply chain security and illustrates the need and value of the deployment of a variety of technologies and solutions in properly protecting the legitimate supply chain from theft, fraud, adulteration and counterfeit product.

Secure Pharma Chain encourages that all members of the supply chain deploy a layered suite of technologies to protect their inventories and consumers.

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