Saturday, August 14, 2010

Freightwatch International: July 2010 Cargo Theft Report

FreightWatch International, an industry leader in providing cargo theft intelligence through data collection, analysis, and customized reporting, released their monthly report on cargo theft for July 2010.

FreightWatch recorded 49 cargo thefts for the month of July; a 9% decrease from the incidents recorded in June. The states with the highest theft rates continue to be California, Florida, and Texas, followed by Pennsylvania, Georgia and New Jersey.

By location, 41% of cargo theft occurred at truck stops and 84% of thefts consisted of full truckloads being stolen.

This month, an average of $259,732 per load results from the 40% of thefts that contained the amount of loss value.

By commodity, electronics and food/drinks persisted as the most targeted commodities. Building/Industrial also appears on the top of the list with six additional thefts compared to June with only two thefts recorded in this category.

Pharmaceuticals as a commodity experienced three reported incidents in July, all on July 16th. The three pharmaceutical thefts in the report include:

• July 16th theft of a trailer at a truck stop in Jefferson, Ohio of an unreported value.

• July 16th high jacking of a truck transporting pharmaceuticals of an unreported value in Detroit, Michigan.

• July 16th a second theft of a trailer on the same day at a truck stop in Jefferson, Ohio of an unreported value.

The issue of pharmaceutical cargo theft energizes the need for material screening of products within the supply chain, from manufacturer to dispenser, to properly protect consumers everywhere.

As the value and prevalence increases, so too does the potential risk to consumers.

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