Saturday, August 21, 2010

Johnson & Johnson Announces Plan To Revamp Its Quality Controls

On the heels of the massive recalls due to quality control issues with some of it most popular and profitable lines, J&J is announcing its plans to appoint Chief Quality Officers for each of its three major divisions.

J&J company spokesman Bill Price stated, "the chief quality officers and the creation of a new position are part of a 'more comprehensive remediation plan' for the company."

Given the state of the pharmaceutical supply chain, as globalization proliferates and even industry giants find themselves suffering from poor quality, raw material adulteration, fraudulent products and counterfeits, it seems logical that all members of the supply chain integrate technologies to authenticate and verify the product within its individual inventories is genuine, safe and clinically efficacious.

Stakeholders in the supply chain have too much at stake to rely solely on inventory control measures, pedigrees, bar codes and serialized numbers, they must take measures to insure the safety of the products that they sell. It is important to know where the box has been but it is vital to know what is in the box.

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