Monday, August 30, 2010

Stolen Drugs Found Back in US Supply Chain

The US Food and Drug Administration is alerting the pharmaceutical supply chain regarding the reappearance of drugs stolen in a 2008 cargo theft.

On October 17, 2008, a shipment of Carbatrol and Adderall XR made by Shire Pharmaceuticals was stolen en route between the company's manufacturing facility in North Carolina and a distribution center in Florence, Kentucky.

In the theft nearly 35,000 capsules of Carbatrol, which expired between April 30 and May 31 of this year, were stolen.

Shire recently announced that some of these stolen pharmaceuticals have begun to appear in its expired returns and that some of the stolen medication may still be on the pharmaceutical market and a possible threat to consumers.

Shire warns that the drugs taken during pharmaceutical cargo thefts are unsafe because they may have experienced improper storage and handling or tampering outside of the secure supply chain. Additionally the drugs may have been adulterated or their packaging used for counterfeit medication.

The product lot numbers for the stolen Carbatrol are 2172127 and Adderall XR are 2385012.

Those who come in contact with these products should contact the FDA's Office of Criminal Investigations at 1-800-551-3989.

Secure Pharma Chain encourages all within the pharmaceutical supply chain to verify and authenticate the medications that they distribute and dispense to make certain that the product within their inventories are safe and efficacious.

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